Friday, January 13, 2012

THE ISLAND - The Salmon Dance


Like a lapping wave
Your tears rolled slowly to the sea
Oceans filled to sandy depths
Dark, deep and treacherous

The sea laps quietly upon the shore

Hidden valleys spring forth rivers
the oceans roil
waves foam heaven’s heights;
they crash upon your cliffs.

The sea laps quietly upon the shore

Starlight, moon, burning sun
Eternal cycle locked
Rise and fall
like a lapping wave
burns anew as heaven’s shower
a rainbow bridge of mystery

West End Girls [Dance Mix] - Pet Shop Boys













“The Egoist” A Comedy in Narrative by George Meredith Chapter XXI – Sir Willoughby Achieves Pathos
Page 320

“I am unable to speak decisively on that or any subject. I am, I think you once quoted, “tossed like a weed on the ocean.” Of myself I can speak: I cannot speak for a second person. I am infinitely harassed. If I could cry, “To Italy to-morrow!” Ah!… Do not set me down for complaining. I know the lot of man. But, Laetitia, deceit! deceit! It is a bad tase in the mouth. It sickens us of humanity. I compare it t an earthquake: we lose all our reliance on the solidity of the world. It is a betrayal not simply of the person; it is a betrayal of humankind. My friend! Constant friend! No, I will not despair. Yes, I have faults; I will remember them. Only, forgiveness is another question. Yes, the injury I can give: the falseness never. In the interest of humanity, no! So young, and such deceit!”

Laetitia’s bosom rose: her hand was detained: a lady who has yielded it cannot wrestle to have it back: those out works which protect her, treacherously shelter the enemy aiming at the citadel when he has taken them. In return for the silken armour bestowed on her by our civilization, it is exacted that she be soft and civil nigh up to perishing-point. She breathed tremulously high, saying on her top breath: “If it – it may not be so; it can scarcely…” A deep sigh intervened. It saddened her that she knew so much.

“For when I love, I love,” said Sir Willoughby; “my friends and my servants know that. There can be no medium: not with me. I give all, I claim all. As I am absorbed, so must I absorb. We both cancel and create, we extinguish and we illumine one another. The error may be in the choice of an object: it is not in passion. Perfect confidence, perfect abandonment. I repeat, I claim it because I give it. The selfishness of love may be denounced; it is part of us! My answer would be, it is an element only of the noblest of us! Love, Laetitia! I speak of love. But one who breaks faith to drag us through the mire, who betrays, betrays and hands us over to the world, whose prey we become identically because of virtues we were educated to think it a blessing to possess: tell me the name for that! - Again: it has ever been a principle with me to respect the sex. But if we see women false, treacherous…Why indulge in these abstract views, you would ask! The world presses them on us, full as it is of the vilest specimens. They seek to pluck up every uprooted principle: they sneer at our worship : they rub us of our religion. This bitter experience of the world drives us back to the antidote of what we knew before we plunged into it: of one…of something we esteemed and still esteem. Is that antidote strong enough to expel the poison? I hope so! I believe so! To lose faith in womankind is terrible.”

He studied her. She looked distressed: she was not moved.


The Chemical Brothers - The Salmon Dance ;)

Hello Boys and girls, my name is FatLip
and this is my friend Sammy the Salmon

''1 - 2''

Today, we're going to teach you some fun facts about Salmon,
And a brand new dance.

Let me introduce to you a brand new dance
I know you're gonna love it if you give it one chance
It's not complicated, it's not too hard
You don't even have to be a hip hop star

See anyone can do it, all you need is style
Listen up peep gang (?) I'm a show you how
Put your hands to the side, as silly AS SILLY AS IT SEEMs
And shake your body like a salmon floatin' up stream!

I'll float up stream
(you know how we do it, you know how we do it)

*All my peeps spend part of their life in fresh water*
*And part of their life in salt water*

Wow, very interesting

*We change round a couple of days after spawning*
*Then we DIE* (?)

When I first did the Salmon all the people just laughed
They looked around and stood like I was on crack
I heard somebody say out loud what the fuck is that
This nigga's dancin like a fish while he's doin' the snap

But the more I kept doing it the more they kept feelin' it
Tnd then I heard some bitches say yo that niggas killin' it
By the end of the night everyone was on my team
And the whole club was dancing like a salmon floatin' up stream!

I'll float up stream
(you know how we do it, you know how we do it)

*Most of our friends find their home waters by their sense of smell*
*which is even more keen than that of a dog or a bear*


*My family also rely on ocean currents, tides*
*The gravitational pull of the moon*

The moon? Fish pay attention to the moon? Wow.

*Did you know?*


*That I could go to Japan, and back.*

You're kidding me. Amazing. Jeez.

*Polluted water can kill both baby salmon, that are developing*
*and the adult salmon, that are on their way to spawn.*

Wow what a shame, what a shame
Wow. Hey kids, hey give it up for Sammy the Salmon and his amazing salmon dance.
Huh? Whadda ya say?
Who's Hungry?


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