Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Marianne Mueller photos...

Marianne Mueller
Marianne Mueller

Just have to bitch and whine for a moment....

What the hell is going on? Really, what is going on, why aren’t more people pissed-off about a lot of twisted injustices…stuff that’s in the books, our laws, that lots of educated very public people legislated… I was listening intently to a radio talk show a couple days ago; this guy who had molested 50 boys is being let out and is going to possibly be living down the highway a bit from where I’m living; is having a hard time finding a place to live and apparently the state is paying someone, some company $30, 000 a month to protect and manage him… Obviously some vigilante would knock-him-off or “harm” him… I thought this was more about protecting the community right – like house arrest. No – it’s more about protecting him…. We have the 3-strikes your out law in California – so the radio host was going on and on about cases where people in prison on drug charges, lower level possession type cases that are in prison for life potentially and this guy, this child molester is let out…

On a lighter note came across these two cool photographers...
[like fergie would say] "Check it out" :)

" Marianne Mueller"


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