Tuesday, March 17, 2009

British Photography...

John R. J. Taylor, North London, 1982

Cover: Calum Colvin, from The Garden of Earthly Delights, 1987

Ron O'Donnell, Tonight's Star Prize, 1987

I was reading an interesting post on the "We English" blog about a new book that has recently been published, No Such Thing As Society: Photography in Britiain, 1967-1987 by David Alan Mellor (Hayward Publishing, London, 2008) and it reminded me of a book I purchased about a year ago at a used book store on 16th street and Valencia in San Francisco, British Photography towards a Bigger Picture (Aperture Foundation, 1988). Fascinating essays, one of which "Romances of Decay, Elegies for the Future," was written by David Mellor, who is also the curator of, "No Such Thing As Sociey."

"We English: No Such Thing As Society" There are some links, one of which is an interview with the curator David Alan Mellor and a review of the project in Frieze...

Beauty Contest, Southport © Tony Ray-Jones, 1967. British Council Collection, London.



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