Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Laura and Alejandra....Pet Shop Boys - I Get Along / E-mail

About a year ago...almost to the week, I guess it was a subconscious thing that I came across it looking for another photo...

Met up with Tiffany today in Los Gatos to take some pictures, discussed Positive Psychology, had some tea; she's off to Brazil and Argentina for at least a year or indefinitely - change of scenery kinda thing but actually she is also a musician, a singer; she digs those samba rhythms...hahah

The intro to this PSB video kinda reminds me of Collier Schorr (my new favorite photographer, actually for a while now) whom I had been reading about lately...

Pet Shop Boys - I Get Along / E-mail (HD)

Thanks for uploading Mr. "parlophone"

Pet shop boys - E-mail

Thanks for the video Mr. "udakulakova"


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