Saturday, June 27, 2009

ESFOTOPERIODISMO Photocafe El Salvador...

Click here: Breaking News: Soldiers arrest Honduran president, seize palace
L-R AP Photo/Edgar Romero & Melvin Chavarria part of the collective that runs Photocafe. ESFOTOPERIODISMO is there main exhibit held each September in San Salvador, El Salvador
Alain Buu "Tras Los Pasos de Los Caballeros"

Click here: Alain Buu Website...

BTW: I took the liberty of moving the sofa against the back wall thinking there were going to be more people in the photo...Otherwise you can get right up to the photographs...Considering that the gallery doubles as a cafe, its a great set-up (the photos are of a side room, there is a main central area and alcove with a small bar and outside patio) and i.m.h.o. being able to have a beer or coffee really enhances the exhibition experience (its hard to sit in a white cube gallery for very long, well in most cases, right?)

Juan Carlo took me to Photocafe....(I'll write a bit more later about Juan Carlos and about the exhibit I'm crashing :p)

Click here: Juan Carlos...

Click here: His Website...


As I woke up this sunday morning this was front and cetner in YAHOO NEWS.

"Soldiers arrest Honduran president, seize palace..."

Honduras borders El Salvador their capitals are about a 6 hour drive apart and by the way my aunt Miriam works in the capital of Honduras, TEGUCIGALPA.

Click here: For some background on these current events:
Born in Honduras BLOG
Thursday, June 25, 2009
President Zelaya dismisses General Romeo Vasquez

In a radio and television chain, last night President Manuel Zelaya dismissed the head of the Joint Staff, Romeo Vasquez Velasquez, for refusing to accompany with Armed Forces' logistics the public opinion poll of Sunday, which has been declared illegal by the judiciary, because it seeks to subvert the constitutional order.



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