Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Karl Lagerfeld bookmark...itenef - The Sound of Sexy Machines


itenef - The Sound of Sexy Machines

Seven years later and i'm going to re-read The Magic Mountain...hmm...its hard going so far...Good old Hans Castorp...I highly recomend. I started off the summer reading "The Beach" (yeah like the movie) so now that i'm warmed-up i figured some Thomas Mann was in order... This is an old copy I bought a few years back so that "bookmark" is pre-2005 Vogue or something...
P.S. I don't write "William's" in my book...that was written by this old old man from Macau who use to have this really cramped book store, books piled everywhere but he had some great books like the entire set of Winston Churchill histories not the biographies but like the history of England, that you could buy for $20; I would always put books on hold for next time and then one day I showed up and they where painting the place lime green turning it into a beauty salon; he had died...


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