Monday, August 17, 2009

Sen. Chuck Grassley R. Iowa, the United Methodist Church Supports Public Option

Health Care Town Hall Meeting Afton, Iowa Aug. 12th, 2009 C-Span
Lady claiming to be from The United Methodist Church posed the last question...
Senator Chuck Grassley (R. Iowa) at an Afton, Iowa Methodist church.

The last question of this town hall meeting posed to Sen. Grassley was from a lady claiming to be from The United Methodist Church; she said that at their last meeting they voted to be in favor of a public option...

Sen. Grassley's response was "Thank you for telling me...we have to go, thank-ya-all..."

Polite Debate at Grassley's Iowa Town Halls
By Perry Bacon

...At the start of event, he gives a brief speech that carefully distances himself from Obama and puts him on the side of many of the conservatives in room, saying he opposes a government health insurance option because "I see government not as a competitor, but a predator." He notes he opposes any health insurance plan that will lead to "rationing" and says he will not back a bill other Republicans cannot embrace.

He avoids mentioning his potential backing of so-called health-care cooperatives that some Republicans in Washington say would be akin to a government option. ...



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Find your Senators here.
Write them today. Demand #PublicOption


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