Saturday, March 20, 2010

1st attempt: My tripod couldn't go any lower so this is an 8x10" crop of approximately a 16-inch image on my bathroom floor...and for the most part everything aligned pretty well, I just used the level built into my tripod..

I'll have to update this page later with a photo of my little contraption (tripod + 35mm SLR + desk lamp) and maybe a better print too:) I think I'm going to start shopping for a real enlarger though;) Never-the-less besides being fun, improvising an enlarger could prove useful - my new dream is to steal away to a hotel somewhere and enlarge dirty pictures, pun intended;) Now i'm really thinking about this, besides the joys of room service, in my experience, hotel bathrooms tend to not have windows...voilĂ  a dark-room:)

Build your own enlarger??

To hold the negative in place, this is the most fiddily part, yet bearably so, I did this...

"Nothing to Work With" but the rubber bands tend to squeeze the neoprene, I used the caps from a 35mm film canister to keep them separated; next time I'm going to build a "little rectangle" the short ends floating over the negative...BTW thanks John!


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