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Carmen: November 2009 Se a vida é (That's the way life is)

Carmen & Celeste: May 2009 Godzilla still life ;-) Al Ferox - I would like to be a gigolo tonight

New Order - The Village

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a couple years ago...

Jumping around the chapter a bit…

Without ever confronting the issue in fully identified terms, the overwhelming majority of men begin retreating, very early in life, from the challenges of proper conceptual growth – and they die, never having actualized more than a small fraction of their potential intelligence. The self-esteem deficiency expressed in the felling of “Who am I to know? Who am I to judge? Who am I to decide?” is the consequence of too many retreats from the responsibility of thought and judgment in situations where the person did not have to retreat, where an effort could and should have been made but was not, where the disvalue of fear and uncertainty took precedence over the value of efficacy and knowledge. Page 174

If (in effect) a person rejects his distinctive form of consciousness, if he decides that thinking is too much effort and/or that choosing the values needed to guide his actions is too frightening a responsibility – then, if he wants to survive and to functions in the world, he can do so only by means of the minds of others: by means of their conclusions, their judgments, their values. Page 176

This is the phenomenon that I designate as “Social Metaphysics.” “Metaphysics” is one’s view of the nature of reality. To the psycho-epistemological dependent, reality (for all practical purposes) is people: in his mind, in thinking, in the automatic connections of his consciousness, people occupy the place which, in the mind of a rational man, is occupied by reality. Page 177

Social metaphysics is the psychological syndrome that characterizes a person who holds the minds of other men, not objective reality, as his ultimate psycho-epistemological frame of reference.

“The Psychology of Self-Esteem” A Revolutionary Approach to Self-Understanding That Launched a New Era in Modern Psychology Nathaniel Branden (32nd Anniversary Edition)

2 years ago;) I bought a couple extra books for my term paper that was going to deal with self-esteem issues; I was taking a course, Positive Psychology, taught at Harvard by Tal Ben-Shahar Ph.D. this was through the Harvard Extension School which offers a few online courses; it was awesome they upload the (video) lecture every day and you participate in weekly interactive breakout sections in small groups of a dozen or so via telephone conference… I highly recommend the course on Positive Psychology and the Harvard Extension School in general...

Harvard Extension School


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