Friday, May 7, 2010

Iron Man 2 & Super 8 Trailer

Akira Kurosawa Film Festival The Stanford Theater back in March

We saw Kagemusha back in March but last night my son and I went to see Iron Man 2 (pretty entertaining); our motivation to go to the midnight showing was to see the "Super 8" trailer, which was most unimpressive; the rumor being that it is going to be the prequel to Cloverfield, apparently not. The A TEAM movie trailer right afterward rocked! Never the less had a blast getting to the theater a couple hours in advance, drinking hot chocolate and catching a random Beatles song on my portable radio;) Oh yeah i snapped a couple pictures of the Super 8 trailer, hand held slow shutter speed 15th f 2.8 i guessed at the exposure (and i figure they don't mind since they are doing that viral marketing thing, building anticipation etc); not to bash Spielberg, but when his name appeared it kinda ruined it for me....i'll develop the film later today...

On a related note:

The Roxie theater Presents "I Still Wake Up Dreaming" May 14th - 27th

ELLIOT LAVINE presents TWO THRILLING WEEKS of impossibly RARE B-Noirs from the notorious shadow factories of Hollywood’s Poverty Row!

It’s Springtime at the Roxie - where TWENTY-EIGHT half-forgotten film noir classics and curios will bloom boldly before your disbelieving eyes at San Francisco’s first and foremost House of Noir—The Roxie Theater!

Polyphonic Size - Maxi - 12 - Girlscout

thanks for the vid Superdiscomania


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