Wednesday, September 8, 2010


RIP Mike Edwards. First cellist - Electric Light Orchestra. I had the chance to see E.L.O. a few tears ago in Santa Fe, NM - wish I would have.

ELO (Electric Light Orchestra) - Telephone Line

thank you for the video

19 AUG '09
Weird dream last night - it basically was an answer to my prayer...I posed a question...

I'm playing a Bowie tape on the boombox:

I was playing Bowie, actually I wasn't, I was playing "Falling in Love" Julee Cruise on repeat while I was shooting a landscape in the bathroom...

woman taking pictures (like I was) in the bathroom of a landscape painting with mirror reflecting back, her eyes, weirdness, strangeness, lost, not-all-there...

But being in that small town I was aware of certain things and stuck in a predicament, in a relationship...

On a trip: some young people driving from LA to Montana pick-up a hitch hiker...its really the same person as one of the original group of young people its just a different version, perhaps from the past or the future...downtown Missoula MT

This person crossing the street and leaving group behind and himself...

As if he/she keeps crossing paths with itself...

Maybe those are the monsters

The idealized love...not shy, that one, particular person that you love and loves you, that was the person calling me (in my dream) when I was in the 2nd bathroom in a long-narrow shoe store in Montana

Some guy helps me out

I'm carrying 3 bags dangling from my shoulders

Dance music, stairs to upper landing (downtown LA)

In (Phillip's) home – back large room, crazy guy not sure if I’ll be attacked, caged animals; I sense danger

Julee Cruise - Falling on Top of the Pops

thanks for the vid WiggyVideos4



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