Monday, December 6, 2010

Strawberry Field Nov. 2010 Salinas California methyl bromide underneath that plastic soon to be methyl iodide that is upwind from and surrounds on three sides, The Gavilan View Middle School. This is where your Smuckers jam and your strawberry shortcake filling come from. I believe this field is being planted by "Coastal" Coastal Berry Company, Llc.

Earlier today on the

KRXA Morning Show , Hal and his weekly guest state assemblymember Bill monning where discussing the Methyl Iodide controversy...

Huffington Post: Methyl Iodide Controversy: Warning About Strawberry Field Chemical Ignored

AllBusiness has profiles of 33 companies in Strawberry Farming - Watsonville, California. Taken together these companies have estimated annual sales of $38,162,000 and employ an estimated 897 people.

Top Employers
1.T T Miyasaka Inc
2.Uyematsu Inc
3.Coastal Berry Company, Llc
4.Uyeda Farm
5.Guy George
6.Sakai, Yutaka
7.F & S Kajihara, Inc
8.Larse Farms, Inc
9.Jose Richard
10.Kobara Farms, Inc
11.P&K Farms
12.Roldan Ramirez
13.Clint Miller Farms Inc
14.Marquez, Cosme
15.Tsukiji Farms
16.Sundance Berry Farm Llc


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