Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Se A Vida E & Carrying Water

One of my faults is getting over emotional; I sometimes wish I was coldhearted, life might be easier that way...

Pet Shop Boys - So Hard


Pet Shop Boys - Se A Vida E (That's the way life Is)

Chop Wood, Carry Water

Supernatural power, wondrous activity – just a matter of

carrying fuel or drawing water. (Zen Words for the Heart 57)

My friend Mack at the pool told me about "carrying water" and how thats a Zen (thing). I just filled a bucket of water and carried it to my darkroom - I instantly felt better hearing that trickling sound of water. I'm making a mental note: live by a creek and/or always have a bucket handy;)

日日事無別 Daily, nothing particular,

惟吾自偶諧 Only nodding to myself,

頭頭非取捨 Nothing to choose, nothing to discard.

處處沒張乖 No coming, no going,

朱紫誰爲號 No person in purple,

邱山絶塵埃 Blue mountains without a speck of dust.

神通並妙用 I exercise occult and subtle power,

運水及搬柴 Carrying water, shouldering firewood.


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