Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"C & C" Godzilla still life ;-) Al Ferox - I would like to be a gigolo tonight


Al Ferox - I would like to be a gigolo tonight

Thanks for the video Mr. "Shigeru87"

Ok, thats a very wacked-out Godzilla talking over the Al Ferox track ;-)

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discocaine (9 months ago)

more like french industrial electro techno...
hannicare (3 months ago)

Indeed. This title was in an album call "La Goa" - This is the name of a Belgian club. I would say La Goa n°6 (year2000) but I cannot garantee it :)

OK follow me...Godzilla after a long night at a French discothèque, just out of the sauna relaxing and enjoying his reality video rough edits - what$%^&$!!!! I have entirely too much time on my hands;) I was just trying to finish up a roll of film that had that portrait i had just taken at Starbucks...really honestly ;-)


My shoot with Carmen and Celeste, "C&C," the first of (about) 18 posts...

Oh and by-the-way our make-up-artist was a no show, she took a nap and awoke at midnight hahahha I'm smiling as I picture that in my mind right now; the person in charge of "hair" pulled-double-duty on make-up (thank you); if you were to ask me how I felt about that, I was thinking, what "a great excuse to experiment..." ;-)


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