Monday, May 17, 2010


This last minute test shoot took place at none other then the Bianca*Starr boutique;)

Bianca*Starr website/map

Bianca*Starr Facebook

Model: Natasha "Crablegs"

Makeup: Jessica Carlisle


Bianca*Starr - just voted Best New Women's Vintage Clothing Store - 2010

Thanks again Bianca!(Twice: this was back in December) "The Sound of Sexy Machines"

West End Girls [Dance Mix] - Pet Shop Boys

thanks for the vid soundoftheatom

Pretty Girls Make Graves




The Smiths - Pretty Girls Make Graves thnks for the vid Sapsie

Elvis song intro to Smiths Rusholme ruffians

A very old friend came by today
Cause he was telling everyone in town
Of the love that he has found
And Marie's the name of his latest flame

He talked and talked and I heard him say
That she had the longest blackest hair
The prettiest green eyes anywhere
And Marie's the name of his latest flame

/// before the MUA arrived ///



The smiths Rusholme ruffians live Rank

thanks for the vid Ezzer08



Blogger mark said...

you are a true goddess, i work at chesseman park and i would earn for you in a heartbeat

October 6, 2011 at 4:05 AM  

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