Thursday, May 27, 2010

Like a moth drawn to the candlelight (ok, kinda a warped analogy;) I once again found inspiration at Bianca * Starr Boutique; this baby, i'm calling it the Butterfly dress, was tucked away on the dressing room rack. My shoot yesterday with Lauren turned out to be more like a "fitting" but we did manage some impromptu shots outside and then finally around 6:30 we were on Russian Hill until the sun got completely blocked by clouds... We only just nibbled at my shot-list (see "German Girls...Ellen Allien, post below) but we now have 3 looks for next time (sans shorts & a belt that I must go back and get)...and a blueprint in order to refine hair and make-up...

Bianca*Starr website/map

Bianca*Starr Facebook

My previous shoots with Lauren:

Lauren - Les Yeaux Sans Visage...

"L.C." Ellsie...blondie - picture this on TOTP...

Lauren - Rocket Queen...

Rolling Stones "Winter"

thanks georom


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