Friday, September 10, 2010


30 AUG 2010

The Ed Show, growing ninety-niners
The Republican plan to block and vilify Obama.
McCain Palin
Old white right wing meeting in Washington pouting about Obama and government takeover.
Left wing right wing radio; it drives me crazy at times.

Home schooling: the first day seems to be going well. We read for about an hour from Marcus Aurelius, The Harvard Classics Daily Reading Guide

Bo Diddly is an outlaw

There was an abandoned car dealership in Turlock that I saw driving North on Hwy 99, I hung a U-turn. The distances between towns seemed longer then I remembered; it took a while to reach Modesto and then finally the turn Northwest to Tracy and on to Livermore and through to the Bay Area. Reaching Oakland we drove along lake Merritt then back onto the 880 freeway seeing the San Francisco skyline as we made our way to Berkeley.

After eating "fast food" Indian food at an convenience store (I wish there were one of those around here) we walked across the UC Berkeley campus and then left Berkeley, drove across the Bay Bridge skirted SF to Hwy 1 and down the coast through Half Moon Bay and eventually Santa Cruz and then finally we were back in Salinas.

Waylon Jennings Bob Wills is still the king Live in Austin 1974!

thanks woudshoorn

I fell into the soup...
Glenn Beck is a false prophet.
Glenn Beck is a hypocrite.
Listening to the Stephanie Miller Show...

Turlock, CA SEP 3rd 2010
Art Belle Somewhere in Time Jan 11th, 1999


homage to Brian Ulrich "Dark Stores"


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