Monday, December 20, 2010


Not that anything is particularly new today, i've settled int the routine of coffee and some kind of bread Listened to the radio AM radio talk about politics and injusticed injustices sprinkled in with some humor.
I've got a couple things on my mindmas this weekend its kinda annoying. The pressure of buying presents - i'm just going to focus on stocking presents I really just want to lock myself in the bathroom and make prints all day Its fun a quite satisfying to look at the prints the next morning after they've dried overnight. Back to my story: Audrey and Barbara and Frank I t Frank i think? Its been a week and have forgotten his name. They where throwing a shindi shindig at their apartment because finals where finally over; Audrey and Frank came up with an idea to extort businessmen a sex then blackmail trap, they don't nescisarrily have to be millionaires fairly well off so that they could afford a few thousand dollars as hush up money. They decide to tell Barbara about (actually i got the names backwards) Barbara and Frank decided to tell Audrey about their idea late in the eveing when things where winding down. She had to go along with th their plan they've always been really clos4e ding everything together i mean everything;0 :)
This is not a porno though its sounds like it has potential for ??
In all honesaty thoughs vivid pornos back in the day with all the glamorous locations and plot twists whre really fucking annoying pun intended it was refreshing when the gonzo series started to come appear as a reaction or low-budget necessity just streight fucking and getting on with it no pretentions or trying to tell astory just a couch or a bed and dicks and pussies. I use to work in a video story store actually it was a good story seeing the same regulars come and go and a and our little crew. I use to like working with this cut girl but she was oh so pretentious.

Dima (Vitalic) - Soaked

thanks (again) Artek777



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