Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Singapore "Jay B" prints

Label on the back: The mass rapid transit (MRT) train makes travel in Singapore more comfortable convenient and fast (REF 1a : 20)
Jay B

My son picked out these two prints at the Santa Cruz antique faire - FYI it takes place the second Sunday of the month;)

Singapore Airlines

and I got these Barracuda goggles and neoprene hood and also found some gold lame size six 70's era bell bottoms (!) for some future photoshoot;)



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Thanks, YouTube, for removing all the studio version.  FUCK!!!!

TheFecalAvenger 2 years ago 55

I had a moment like this last night at a party. A woman from my class was there who is an amazing person. I've been struggling badly with how I feel about her and 5 or 6 people (including her) asked if I was ok . It was written all over my face that something was bothering me, but of course I couldn't say anything.

I love the Smiths. It really does feel like they speak to me.
OboxerU 1 year ago 28

The Smiths - I Want The One I Can't Have (Paris)

thanks for the video suparni

a few years ago...test strip;)

Crop of a 6 x 4.5 negative I didn't use the *glass plates, thanks Richard for that pointer. When I got this enlarger a couple months ago I was dissapointed and stopped enlarging medium format negatives after a couple tries because I thought I had to use the glass plates - it was so hard getting them clean, I didn't even try really. * update: actually its hard to keep them flat and so I took the time and cleaned the glass holders.


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