Wednesday, January 11, 2012

So this lady at the pool asks me about ab excercises...

Its not like I'm Tarzan and I don't even have a six pack but I guess I'm slender in comparison.

So I popped out and showed her how to do the planck exercise.

She seemed sincere so I asked her for some advice too. This lady with great sounding advice hasn't been in a relationship in years and has dealt with loneliness by doing hobbies and being with her extended family. She never gets depressed because she feels she has a good life and there are people worse off in the world. I even told her that she was great to talk too and surprised to hear her explain being alone. She was vague and didn't spill the beans much...

In a macadamia nutshell I had told her that I might have gotten emotional and overreacted and then overreacted because I over reacted...huh? Well it made sense.

Her grand advice was to say "Look Away from Yourself" and I said thats what I'm trying to do but that I'm worried because it means so much to me. Today I asked myself that, "why does this mean so much to me?" A week and a half ago things where quite and then suddenly bang (!) out of the blue yonder mountains before my eyes...

Anyhow this talk made me feel better being on autopilot and going to the pool paid off.

I had felt like I was being a "12 year old girl" about things but I suppose deep down I'll always be that new kid in 8th grade. It would be nicer to be about 7 years old but thats when I didn't spell marry with two "RRs" during a quiz because someone said you would be. It didn't help that every year I was at a new school, until high school, and It was scarier when I was smaller; I feel It now it was always cold and I was never an early bird - that kinda messed with my head (then) too.

I was happy whenever it was I first heard this song driving in a car looking out the window...

Paul McCartney - Jet (Wings Greatest Vinyl Mix)

Ab Exercises: The Plank

Freestyle drills and technique - Sculling and recovery


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