Saturday, February 4, 2012

Dreaming Picture This

B.T.W.F.W.I.W. I should have added a sun, this is a warm tropical scene; i suppose its implied by the palm tree

Blondie - Dreaming (TOTP)

Blondie - Picture This - Top Of The Pops - 1978

Adeybaby100 (1 month ago)

2 people have got clouds on their lids.


When I met you in the restaurant you could tell I was no debutante.
You asked me what's my pleasure, "A movie or a measure"?
I'll have a cup of tea and tell you of my dreaming.
Dreaming is free.
I don't want to live on charity.
Pleasure's real or is it fantasy?
Reel to reel is living verite.
People stop and stare at me, we just walk on by; we just keep on dreaming.
Beat feet, walking a two-mile.
Meet me, meet me at the turnstile.
I never met him, I'll never forget him.
Dream dream: even for a little while.
Dream dream: filling up an idle hour.
Fade away, radiate.
I sit by and watch the river flow.
I sit by and watch the traffic go.
Imagine something of your very own; something you can have and hold.
I'd build a road in gold just to have some dreaming.
Dreaming is free.

1970jms (1 month ago)

It wasn't really about talent. There have been better singers and better musicians, but sometimes something just works. Deborah Harry was and remains the most magnetic and engaging presence that ever walked onto a stage, and if you watch, she does it all so effortlessly. I loved Blondie's music, still do, but in Deborah they had a one-off, someone who induces awe, and is loved equally by men and women alike. Apart from Marilyn Monroe there has never been anyone to compare to her.


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