Thursday, February 2, 2012

Liv / Priors - Siriusmo - Femuscle

Lighting Test w/ Liv

Started off as a head-shot test, had to improvise a bit as we shot some t-shirts for a friend of mine and some of his artwork...I'm no stylist but I love to shoot clothes, so sometimes I collect pieces and shoot them to see how they would look (see links). I've had these gold pants for a year, (finally shooting them) and the Dolce & Gabanna Lucite Platform Wedge Heels, I've already shot a couple times...Ferrari Sunglasses - perfectly dishy;) More pictures tomorrow.

Scarlet Rage - Blue Sequins Dress - Blondie Bermuda Triangle Blues

Scarlet Rage - Blue Sequins Dress - Blondie Europa

Siriusmo - Femuscle

Siriusmo - Femuscle


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