Tuesday, April 10, 2012

*Crostini mushrooms & George Michael

update 5:28PM

At noon I went for a pretty good walk, it was drizzling but I felt warm I love that feeling. I got home and whipped up some mushroom crostini I added some sweet rice wine vinegar so it became fusion o.w.e. . I love cooking and have been slowly working my way through two Italian cookbooks.

*The pictures above and below remind me of being a teenager one summer riding bicycles in Italy. It was a group student exchange program and on the weekends we would do a long ride and end up at a restaurant. It felt like one big happy family brothers and sisters (there was one girl) and of course the food was delicious, usually four courses.

I wrote some stuff earlier cool stories but not so relevant. So yes of course I could bake you a pie and I'm pretty handy in a kitchen, and I'd love to cook for friends. But what I was really trying to say earlier is that "the picture" in my mind like those pictures that I've just mentioned warm my heart and I think about you, they're just my dreams... I'm trying my best to explain my feeling for you; at first I thought the picture would imply that sort of thing but I didn't want you to get distracted by what I wrote earlier, I want to make sure.

Well time to do some busy work - it's not so bad.

George Michael - The Long And Winding Road [For Linda]

thanks jacenty841

[the concept, lyrics not all literal]

George Michael If You Were My Woman

thanks polleke1

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

thanks GeorgeMichaelNL


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