Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mr. Mora Salinas California

Mr. Mora haules wine grapes on a seasonal basis...

An initial foray in terms of approaching people as I’ve begun work on a documentary project focused on Salinas, California…

Since last fall I’ve been looking into the world of photojournalism and came to the realization that I would never have the personality to be a “beat” photojournalist so-to-speak but that I would be better suited working on longer form projects i.e. documentary photography…

My “Tweets” from the other day when I decided to begin in earnest...

staring out into the strawberry fields spray tractors roving like mechanized insects f apocalyptic sci-fi movie uhh wait this is real!
9:47 AM Sep 3rd from mobile web

ok ok I got off my ass:) Just took picture tractor spraying strawberry fields w Fremont's Peak in background....
9:25 AM Sep 3rd from mobile web

1845 John C. Fremont placed US flag on Gavilan Peak a symbolic act of war w Mexico...
9:20 AM Sep 3rd from mobile web

photo essay like written essay gleaned f photo.net thanks beginning middle end big project break into smaller...
9:13 AM Sep 3rd from mobile web

photo essay documentary project take a central problem presenting an argument f particular point of view evidence to support claim gleaned f
9:09 AM Sep 3rd from mobile web

begining a photo documentary project focusing on the lovely town of Salinas California; err after I give my dog a flea bath:)
8:13 AM Sep 3rd from mobile web



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