Friday, September 10, 2010


Its Wednesday Sep 7th, I saw the news this morning; a traffic jam for the commuters driving over the hill from the valley; from Tracy to the bay area.

I'm sitting here thinking about thinking cool beautiful thoughts...If I were in Paris in a cave of an apartment with a view of a xxx courtyard and the sound of passing traffic; I would long for a setting like i'm in now, a quiet well lit room, a garden, a tree, an open field and a dingy, yet somewhat interesting, small two-cow-town. Then again I could clamber out at midnight and find a cafe and drink Pernod till I was...

back to Turlock

When we first arrived in Turlock I had a feeling that it was a place a bit more "progressive" then Salinas, the same occurred to me when we drove through Los Banos. Of all places Los Banos has a digital greeting sign. Its one and only main street has always seemed more interesting then anything in Salinas. I could say that Turlock is the same as all these agricultural towns: they are easy places for up-and-coming politicians to make a name for themselves.

Saw a campaign sign: Jeff Denham conservative [of course]. What is his and other politician's day like? Back and forth talking to their aids; lunch at such and such a place; perhaps a policy posturing pow-wow and when they're in their districts you can have a lunch meeting with them or even better...

delta 5 - mind your own business

thanks for the vid johnpeelclassics


And when they fight, they fight, / And when they come home at night they say, / "I love you, baby." / And when it all comes crashing down, / What can you do ...


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