Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fuck!@#$%^ you know your a night-owl (i saw one last night, yes a real owl flying at night) insomniac - late - night coffee - drinker (coffee after 3pm doesn't let me sleep) when you hear the end of Coast to Coast;)

Listening to Coast to Coast

thanks CongressmanCYD

now i'm listening to Vital-Ferox - Slerotika
i love the drone-ing droning droning

I wrote a poem the other day and then i re wrote it and it sucked-more...

2:02am next song??? wait.. wait...

I was going to listen to Blondie - Bermuda Triangle Blues (Flight 45) - Live 9.21.1977 - Old Waldorf SF but was thwarted by Richard Myers (professionaly known as Richard Hell), Range Road Music inc., Historic Film Archive LLC/ SOFA Entertainment

2:09 Men At Work - Overkill (1983)

Australia it must be a sunny afternoon or dinner time Saturday - I just rememberd that i drank a Fosters earlier, so relevant huh?

2:15 The Pretenders.....Talk Of The Town.

I've been listening to myself breathe to remind myself that i'm alive.

2:19 Karen Dalton "Blues Jumped The Rabbit"

morning after: actually i'm not that sleep deprived...I just saw that Extreme workout infomorcial on TV: feeling guilty now laying in bed eating sugar snaps and because I didn't swim yesterday (pool was closed because of lightning danger) and because i've neglected my balance ball...

Mason vs. Princess

Mason vs. Princess - Superstar Perfect Exceeder (HQ)


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