Wednesday, July 27, 2011

This picture deserves at least three music videos posts;) #ihaveashoefetish #imnofashionista
Dolce & Gabbana gold lucite left and the blue, low slip on heels with a bow, Kristen is wearing are also "made in Italy" ;) I feel like a well dressed woman listening to talk radio because she's driving to work and can't change the channel; i just looked at two fashion blogs waiting for the stove to get hot #ihaveashoefetish shoe related blog post

the Glamourai blog { introducing } b. brian atwood

i wish i could go outside visit a news stand or just walk by it maybe walk by a cafe see some people walking down the street someone dressed in drag, someone dressed so casual because they live near by wearing flip flops walking a dog doing laundry none of that here but i did see guys riding fixies at the exact same place two days in a row on the way to the pool, they must have the exact same schedule as me; a guy with a bad ass Cinelli (a little jealous) and a guy with a cruiser-trail-bike-fixie don't like those really what's the point - drank some coffee writing this now i'm going to make some pancakes...

more pictures of Kristen "black coffee" "overkill"

SebastiAn - Motor

thanks for the video Sanderinnewyork

The Clash - Red Angel Dragnet

Olivia Newton-John "PHYSICAL" (2005 Remix)

thanks for the vid dazmas06


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