Monday, January 30, 2012

I wish I would have...

Saturday night, instead of picking an album and posting it in its entirety (I should have picked a band and a world tour), yes impractical to post...but in spirit:) Schiller, thank you, your album selection was great; I know you always try your best and try to be helpful. You even put up with your uncle Timmy making fun of you; how your just a wanna-be blogger. Timmy has a blog; he is also so cool; he only posts a couple times a year.

I know, I know the word epic gets thrown around a lot...
The beginning is beautiful (and throughout) the clouds, colors, the lyrics and what not.

Ifwhen - Hear Less (from split 12" with Dälek)

thanks for the video Ifwhen

Ok a little weird but wonderful (you have to be in the right mood, like going to see a movie) - Gothic, noir, retro Hong Kong, fetishistic and something else i'm sure, all wrapped into one.
john maus - through the skies for you
starring astro boy and ringomilk1988 assembled by joe ibañez from "fuhrer zzz"

Thanks for the video Mr. "colbent"

Really, I'm such a dork posting an entire album, a world tour (that would surely take a while)- sometimes simple is best I could have picked one word.

Siriusmo - Wow

or a random color (at this point it's all theoretical (Saturday has come and gone))...When I listen to this song I imagine: sunny, warm Miami, a beach on Key Biscayne and an occasional tropical rain cloud but those come-and-go and always make the sunny times all the more special.

Elton John - Blue Eyes

Wow, I better go drop off that film.


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