Saturday, January 28, 2012

Side two: "Attractive Female Wanted" Blondes Have More Fun...Or Do They?

Atractive Female Wanted Rod Stewart

kapat45 (8 months ago)

There's a shortage of songs from this album on youtube. Rod's version of Standing in the Shadows of Love is my favourite, he just gives it that something more. Love how he sang "Give me a blonde that's six foot two" even then, he's got her now, lucky her.


broncobarbie46 (2 months ago)

Good music like this never gets old nor will it ever be forgotten!

TheChuckVaughn (2 months ago)

The BEST album Rod ever recorded and cant find Dirty Weekend on youtube wtf!

colibridorado7 (2 months ago)

me encanta! 

probrojeffro (3 months ago)

A funny song. Rod tongue in cheek.


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