Monday, January 16, 2012

Tracy Chapman - Fast Car - Heart of Gold - Wish You Were Here - Drowse

It was another satisfying afternoon in the darkroom; I'm grateful for that. Then as I was getting ready to go swimming I realized that the pool was going to be closed tonight. I haven't swum in a couple days and so I was ready drive all the way to Monterey to another pool because its better then feeling anxious but instead I felt the sudden urge to climb into bed.

It was so peaceful at first... I was thinking about the dream I had early this morning and other things - I was in a restaurant with two friends, seated on barstools against a wall; it was an ocean side restaurant and we couldn't see out - then it kinda changed and I laid down to watch a movie; there was barely enough room and a girl came and laid down next to me, lots of hair that sort of formed a tent and I kinda had to lay on her shoulder - she seemed to like me; it was really pleasant :) thats the part I wanted to get back to. Then that abruptly changed. There was a man with "18 pairs of children" they where all wearing suits and paired by age, kinda like a strange version of "The Sound of Music." They seemed so needy wanting their parents attention, I could see it in their faces.

As I lay there, I started thinking about the reality of my life... A few times I've run away from certain situations and at first it seems liberating with the rush of adrenaline and desert highways beckoning (literally) but ultimately you can't run away from yourself which has sometimes been my problem...

So there is that old adage that the most precious things in life are free and I agree with that it's just that sometimes its like buried pirates treasure; If your lucky you'll at least find a map but there is no guaranty.

Tracy Chapman - Fast Car

Neil Young - Heart of Gold/Lyrics

Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here

Roger Taylor-Drowse

Words and music by Roger Taylor

It's the sad eyed goodbye
Yesterday's moments I remember
It's the bleak street,week kneed partings I recall
It's the mistier mists the hazier days
The brighter sun and the easier lays
There's all the more reason for laughing and crying
When you're younger and life isn't to hard at all

It's the fantastic drowse
Of the afternoon Sundays
That bored you to rages of tears
The unending pleadings
To waste all your good times
In thoughts of your middle-aged years
It's the vertical hold all the things that you're told
For the everyday hero it all turns to zero
And there's all the more reason
For living or dying when you're young
And your troubles are all very small

Out here on the street we'd gather and meet
And scuff up the sidewalk
With endlessly restless feet
Half on the time we'd broaden our minds
More in the pool hall
Than we did in the school hall
With the down town chewing gum bums
Watching the night life the lights and the fun

Never wanted to be the boy next door
Always thought I'd be something more
But it ain't easy for a small town boy
It ain't easy at all
Thinkin' it right and doin' it wrong
It's easier from an arm chair
Waves of alternatives wash over my sleepiness
Have my eggs poached for breakfast I guess

I think I'll be Clint Eastwood
Jimi Hendrix he was good
Let's try William the Conqueror
Now who else do I like?


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