Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"the universe is All Right" - Aldous Huxley Priors - What You Need (DCUP Remix)

When functioning normally, these connective "hubs" appear to help constrain the way we see, hear and experience the world, grounding us in reality. They are also the key nodes of a brain network linked to self-consciousness and depression.

The mPFC is an area that, when dysfunctional, is linked with rumination and obsessive thinking. "Probably the most reliable finding in depression is that the mPFC is overactive," says Carhart-Harris. ... "[Psilocybin] shuts off this ruminating area and allows the mind to work more freely," he says. “That’s a strong indication of the potential of psilocybin as a treatment for depression."

Quieting the mind with mushrooms...

Taking Shrooms Seriously

{I'm learning to accept myself and I think i've always (unwittingly) put my over-active thinking to productive use (so I would hate to take anything synthetic, I'll swim more if I have too; suffer a bit; though shrooms on occasion sounds "naturally" nice) but sometimes those brain synapses also nab me in the ass, in any number of ways...}

Priors - What You Need (DCUP Remix)

MokonaEsMokona (1 month ago)

I can't stop pressing the replay button

redondoj (4 years ago)

That is very true but it must be seeing the positive side to the issue. It's good music and that is what counts. Greetings from Venezuela.

OdettaBOOOM (3 years ago)

She's xxxxxxxxxxxx.. totally a woman..

weirdalfan1980 (1 week ago)

I prefer the full version oppose to 2 partial videos I get along/ e


wehatevalve (1 year ago)

I like that girl. Who is she? :D Please deliever!

jiraiya2006 (1 year ago)

walking along the beach moment music


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