Sunday, March 11, 2012

Band camp... 6

In an Eden of swaying reeds, a young horse feeds on tender shoots. Guardians once built entire houses of the stiff grass, and still thatch their roofs with it.

I can't make out all of the lyrics... Thanks again iiHateSouljaBoy

Land Of The Loops - Crusin' For Sentient Beings

The Unicorns - I Was Born A Unicorn

The Unicorns - Child Star

I was looking for "thunder and lightning" maybe it's two songs?

Inoculate The Innocuous

Thank god, on my ITunes this song is followed by "wiggle it (just a little bit)" Two In A Room

I've been feeling a little tired lately, I missed lap swimming a couple days because of an ear infection and that kind of threw me off too...last night I went to bed at 10pm-ish and finally got a good night's sleep;) ...

Looking back at my blog posts I can mark spots when I've "cycled" I've also noticed that they are getting shallower; like an even keel kind of thing (which is kind of nice)...I think I'm in a "normal" state right now; check this out: The cherry tree out back is thick with leaves now (they're a ruddy maroon brown). I've even had some down episodes but I can anticipate them, or quickly realize that I'm in them; so I've figured out how to "suck it up." What makes it worse (I'm very careful not to fall into this trap) is ruminating about stuff in the past or getting to overwhelmed about the future. If all else fails, I'm realizing that I can snap out of it when I focus on my new hobby, my devotional. Sometimes I just start writing and after a few minutes I start concentrating; I'm jumping around for a minute but then somehow that jumping around collates into some strange kind of expression...I've realized you can only be in the present, to pull that sort of thing off [maybe its being present in eternity, your everywhere and everything at once but at the same time not (another dimension, stepping into another room type thing; did you know (?) - that stepping through physical doorways create symbolic memory paths in our brains,,,supposedly), maybe it's simply escapism (that just got me sad)...]...

[I had to watch Mund2 for a little bit...drink more coffee and have lunch]

Jellybones by The Unicorns


thanks SuperGremlin2010

fernandagomesdanh (4 months ago)

Muito bom tempo que não volta mais

So I went to bed at 10ish...grateful for two things one of which was being exhausted after swimming, I thought I could get to sleep but I was feeling anxious...

*Finally... but still after a while I couldn't sleep. It was dark of course but I could still reach for my radio and just by touch, turn it on... I listened to Coast to Coast (conspiracy theories) and finally fell asleep, woke up around 3am and turned it off...

Cause of a dream I had last night I remembered that I use to live in a movie theater with my mom and dad (and brother), the Azteca in Fresno. Alternating weekends, alternating crowds, Kung Fu and Chinese one week and Mexican classics and narco the other; and once for Halloween this freakish Italian horror movie (dubbed and I looked at the ticket) about a crazy gorilla, it was sick like in gory. My dad was the projectionist and the worst thing that could happen is for the movie to come undone after it's gone through the projector; it still plays but then you find a huge pile of film that's got to be put back together. Oh yeah he bought a "hot" camera once, a Minolta SRT and a flash that looked even more complicated; it turns out it's a pretty good camera but then I don't ever remember learning how to use it. I still had it and finally a few years ago I started using it, thanks dad...

Fischerspooner - Danse in France (Intro)

thanks for the video moiso

* Heard this song on the radio earlier today...

J. Geils Band

Also, heard on the radio...

"Brass in Pocket" - **The Pretenders**



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