Friday, March 9, 2012

So this one time at band camp...

Bob Seger -Rare Against The Wind Live

thnks for the vid tangent5000
Largo, Md. 1980 Rare Live

heathercweeks (1 week ago)

Love Bob Seger! Reminds me of my mom dancing around the house when I was small..


flagflier1 (3 weeks ago)

@ibelevit yeah, I got ya. I was diggin this ridin my harley!! Those were great days and music.

naninhobh (1 month ago)

Music for men!

Bob Seger- Night Moves

thanks jimmej955


johnthehulk1 (1 hour ago)

Another great song by Seger, reminding of my "Teen Years". Going to the drive in with a high school girl, I was deeply in love with. Borrowed my father's Malibu. Hadn't a care in th world. A simpler time, the late 60's. Music was great. Gas was cheap. And people cared about each other allot more then. 

singthemblues (7 hours ago)

This was the first song that came on the radio the first time I ever drove a Camaro! Been in love ever since

Michiganborn1969 (2 days ago)

@buschnic61 My ex sister in-law tells me she used to watch him for 50 cents at Lincoln Park HS back in the 60's.



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