Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Out of respect for something I wrote about last night I'll do my "P.S.'s" up here...

P.S. It did come from a sincere place and the things I mentioned that aren't often talked about in our daily lives we shouldn't forget (of course). And because like Proust said it's (sometimes) only when we are faced with death that we truly start to appreciate our lives, and still we might forget...

P.S.S for reference index notes please file under "D.M.L." and some other places...

This morning I had to go looking for songs and I found ...

Animals Please Don't let me be Misunderstood.
thanks for the video andre21198

David Bowie - Sorrow
thanks for the video alluurpo

Au Revoir Simone - Another Likely Story (Official Music Video)
thanks for the vid Tesk435
Ahh summertime...

* I did take liberties experimenting with "time frames" so perhaps when time is not a dimension anymore and a new universe has arisen and planets (or something) have formed and intelligent life has arisen - perhaps sea mammals that can talk, and they might still wear symbolic adornments like the Bindi dot - there will be, song follows...

Sandie Shaw - There's Always Something There To Remind Me (1964)
I just heard this on the radio - I didn't realize it was a cover;)

Another Likely Story lyrics

Don't tell me
It's another likely story
Could've pinned it on you from the start
Well I’m new here
Doesn't mean I have to answer
Silly questions or a shot in the dark

You know I’m a child
I keep this alive

It gets harder
I remember to remember
Waking up again all over again
If there's an echo
Repeat days I’d likely let go
And be the changes we are noticing

When we're running wild
We keep this alive

Still i wonder
Sights around us fade and underneath
The ground shakes, things fall apart
And no other than the voice of one another
Keeps us safely moving on in the dark

You know I’m a child



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