Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fine Time

[up date 8:40am Blue Monday]

Up at dawn today, of all days, I thought I could sleep in, my dog is still asleep...

I had planned on posting another song but it's rather a downer and has evil connotations so I decided against;)

So this song, it's sung for, directed towards a sheep (seriously). That's what happens when you spend too much time alone on a farm and you've become a bit demented; he's feeling dirty about the whole thing, he's telling himself it's in the past now, sheep probably likes it wanting attention and he's trying to make her feel better about her self, paying her compliments but thinking about it too;)

and it has a cool beat, like walking down the street wearing culottes because you better have a bounce to your step and be cool about it (I'm such a dumb shit)

this version is kind of sped up, but close enough


I'm trying to think of what my favorite song is to post, thats hard... I have, always loved Fine Time,,,and I've heard some new ones lately that I really dig...

Wow an excuse to post Blue Monday - it's very convoluted (something about how you should feel today and how i'm still having a hard time telling you...) If I were a famous writer and they were interviewing me and asked who I've been influenced by I would say you tube comments.

New Order - Blue Monday
this song is like lap swimming - the in between flutter kicks the ahhhhh thats how it feels underwater after a push-off (its totally awesome)

livingsocks (8 months ago)

@hendersonjones I time travelled to check, and yes, you were right. In fact, 5 of the 6 major religions of 3011 are based on this song.


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