Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spartan Push Up (300 workout)

[update 7:39pm bottom one more comment]

Spartan Push Up (300 workout)


LiverpoolfcEPL (4 months ago)

if you did this 300 times, then you can deservely say THIS IS SPARTA! and *kick someone off thier feet randomly*

xy262 (4 months ago)

dont post a cocky comment expecting people to compliment you


Latvietis543 (1 week ago)

It is being cocky because many people here can't do as much as 50 or perhaps 40. He's just bragging and hoping people are like "wow, that's so much, you are strong' etc.

KillaDose (1 week ago)

got to 299 but just couldn;t do that last one, damn I must be an Arcadian

hTDrag (1 week ago)

Fuck off dude. saying he did 52 of these isn't being cocky. I can easily do 40. 50 might be my limit. And he was just asking a question. Let's see how many you can do.

pkll12 (1 week ago)

i like the shoe ;)



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