Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Town & Country ###

"Town and Country" diptych and Scorpion's song for Damien. I promised a long time ago.

If two weeks ago was the pinnacle of arrogance yesterday was the pinnacle of gushing-sappiness. I prefer other types of gushing; I swim's a physical thing;)

Wow you should have seen the smile grow on my face - what a strange mixture of feelings. But also what a relief, really that's how I feel nothing personal seriously I feel like a giant weight has been lifted. I figured I would prove that I could hang apparently my arrogance bit me in the ass. Could I help it that I just wanted some contact with you, any kind - I admit it got contrived and a bit much. Damned if you do damned if you don't, I always pick do - it's more interesting. There were and are metaphorical "relief valves" that can be used I don't need to mention what those are. Aren't they obvious?

I really kept thinking any day now, once I thought you said two more months (damn) but that's o.k. it seems so simple, meet for coffee ya know...

It's like those most interesting man in the world Mexican beer commercials. What would he say? "One time I wrote one hundred love letters simply to ask for a coffee date. Stay thirsty my friends"

Now I can get back to concentrating on serious writing...check it out. I'm a wanna be William Faulkner his Hollywood writing phase, he prostituted himself for the "cash money" I'm sure he enjoyed it though, lots of parties and rye whisky.

"I've been waiting for nachos for fucking forever"

OK this one I overheard but it's golden, hard to credit, ok, ok skinny metrosex guy coming out of Shanghai Dumpling Shop Saturday night in Millbrae (I highly recommend). WTF was I doing in Millbrae?

"...every time I've seen a white girl this month she has a fucking I Phone"

Damien, remember I said I was going to visit April 15th, well I got kind of side tracked for three months, I did a Sponge Bob, how about,,,, thinking of a random date that makes sense hmmm?

"Nights are the last refuge for life in the cities, for real, strange and seething life." Damien


thanks for the vid mr. 90Metal

American Dad - Interesting Roger #1

thanks FoxBroadcasting

Like my friend at the pool said "ya gotta be there." I would have rather jaded you in person instead of through my fucking blog, that would be easier to accept. If you ever want to actually meet "for real" maybe we can get that coffee to go...I'm tired of sitting.

Jaded - Aerosmith

thanks Obsessionoveryou




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