Monday, August 8, 2011


3rd and Macdougal, New York, one of my favorite places to hang out, Washington Square Park is just around the corner. I'm sitting on a chair talking to Russell, he told me he was going to take a short nap. Russell moved to New York from North Carolina 20 years earlier - I bought a Paul Klee book from Russell a few days before this, "in the land called precious stone," I always walk by and say hi, today there was an extra chair; he was asking for quarters because his books had gotten rained on, he keeps them in a small cardboard box; there are more elaborate book sellers on near by streets and around the park but his collection was pretty astute. A family walked by, they looked like tourist and they ignored him (I guess they where ignoring me too) but their little girl, she must have been about five, was trailing behind a few feet - she took a long look at Russell.

Obama Speaks: Pablum and Bullshit:

As I post this: I'm thinking cynical thoughts imagining "two-lawyers in love" I hate to bring Michelle Obama into this but I was hoping she would be the one to talk sense into her husband...

Lawyers in Love: Heard this song in the darkroom yesterday; at first I thought it was kinda corny but then it grew on me; I was making the above print and couldn't change the station; I wouldn't have guessed it was Jackson Browne.

Jackson Browne - Lawyers in Love

thanks for the video PullMyFing

Paul Klee in the land called precious stone

I was just listening to KRXA
"Ash-Lee Henderson of Appalachia Rising will be discussing how politics, poverty, and strip mining intersect in an often overlooked part of America. Appalachia Rising’s latest action is the March on Blair Mountain."


march on

Harvey from Berekely called in to comment about the tax breaks energy companies receive.

"Rockefeller defends tax breaks for big coal"

itenef-Of All The Things We Made (in vertical take off mix)


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