Thursday, January 26, 2012

Anne Clark - God Willing / I just tried to flip a head shot picture in Canvas...

Im probably the only photographer on the planet who doesn't own Photoshop. This is so ridiculous I'm laughing at myself. I use to use Photobucket to re-orientate horizontals to vertical and what not but then my browser went out of date; the last few months I've been emailing my pictures to a friend and he'll flip them for me (he is a saint); I need more RAM for my MAC for the latest browsers. Damn I guess I procrastinated enough and I'll get Photoshop while I'm at it so I can at least spot pictures [Or fuck, probably not; it might take away from my Blogging, 5 posts since midnight; I feel like Andrew Sullivan;].

I've relied on my dear old friend Albert for any Photoshop work and recently Kenny. I kind of like the idea of "outsourcing" certain things which I appreciate but am no so interested in learning.
There is the whole efficiency sake and self sufficiency arguments that can be made (of course). When I use to scan my black and white negatives it was so hard to have to wait (I owns a scanner but not as good and its so time consuming) my buddies at the camera store have always tried their best to expedite (thanks Ethan), sometimes I've gone to get coffee; it only takes 15 minutes.

As of last year I swore that I wouldn't scan my b&w negatives - making a contact sheet is actually quicker sometimes and I've learned to be patient. BUT Wow this last shoot Dec. 29th...I could have been finished, theoretically that is, on Jan 1st! This is only the third time that i've only made darkroom prints; 4 weeks and I haven't even made that many prints but I've finally dialed it in; today I made educated guesses on exposures and that saved a lot of time. At least the color stuff comes out fairly quick; that too needs spotting etc. (thankfully done with those).

So I'll post that head shot picture later, hold your breath in anticipation.

Thanks Jennifer, Vanessa, (Albert, Ethan, and Kenny (eventually) needs retouching but I like this "hot" version too) and the lady at the salon.

More head shots to take this weekend...

This is the song for the picture - I hope it can live up to "God willing (JCRZ Moroderian Remix)"

if it doesn't at least you have that amazing video "Koyaanisqtasi" featured in the God Willing video

Pet Shop Boys feat Anne Clark - God Willing (JCRZ Moroderian Remix)

Sheryl Crow - Soak Up The Sun

The Rolling Stones Hang Fire


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