Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I was eating pistachio ice cream for breakfast...

...looking out the window at a pistachio colored ocean shipping container (the color just dawned on me) where i've set up my darkroom (thank you Dennis) I use to export "produce" a fun (crazed) time in my life and so I've occasionally wondered where that container might have traveled too but also it could have just sat somewhere for the longest time and never gone anywhere like its doing now. So before I wrote this I was looking out the window staring at the sun and wind blowing back the grass thinking (because the colors where so muted like a photograph) imagining that this was the 70's the 60's - 500 years ago, the age of the vikings - the cars passing by kinda ruined it but not really - that grass and sun kept blowing it was more powerful everything else seems trite by comparison.

- I was just drinking (barely) a cup of yesterdays reheated coffee, I had to really press down.

"my heart leaps up"

i can make more:)

P.S. I just looked over on my bed and noticed my pistachio colored copy of "The Poems of Spencer" 400 years ago too. Alright, thats overkill

P.S.S. (yes i reread my own blog (sometimes)) I just noticed the header, its pistachio colored too! I had to mention that, this is its only opportunity.

Yuri Liberzon playing Dance of the Forest Ghosts by Konstantin Vassiliev

I've never been the type to sit around and listen to "Hooty" but sometimes in the darkroom, I can't change the station (though I think I've always liked this song, just a bit too loose on those long chorus fake out breakdowns, I like it tighter-but-loose (what?) like "the rolling stones" maybe i'm trying to say I like a good riff OMFG i just remembered a dream I had last night I was like the 3rd guitarist in a band and then it came time for my lead; it was so simple a classic 50's chuck berry shuffle; i was slightly off stage doing who knows what - so i'm simultaneously walking back, other guitarist gives me my Q - it was crap but somewhat inspired, I still managed to "one string it" as I turned up the volume

Hootie and the Blowfish - Time (lyrics) - Cracked Rear View


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