Friday, January 27, 2012

Wild Horses

It starts iffy but give this one a chance.

The Rolling Stones - Wild Horses - 1975

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Exilemainstreet (1 year ago)

Not the best tour, but they nailed this song. When Keith and Ronnie advance to the mics to sing.... just amazing.

TheKalen486 (3 days ago)

the band on coke, ETOH, heroin, pills (upper/downer) possible lsd but still put a satisfactory performance any band today would kill for or could live up to. i see where the old GNR got the sound and behaviors from a mixture of zepplin and stones

dannyd1572 (1 week ago)

@fondofrory I never seen a band (or some members) that could be so coked and wasted, and make drunk sound so good. Love my Stones!

Muscle Shoals

The Rolling Stones - Wild Horses '69

Wild Horses (Rolling Stones)

7sadbeeyotsh7 (1 week ago)

This song isnt about animals!

Keith Richards - Wild Horses

MegaPecicilan (5 days ago)

keith u never old... becouse drug on use.. luv yaa


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