Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Autoclave I'm going to make coffee now...

[8:57 *update] [ **update 2:17, 2:51 edit]

What I wrote, it starts kind of sappy, I'll admit it, perhaps the whole thing??? I don't care. I can't even edit or elaborate, just a few extra words here, it's kind of nice to just post quickly...

I just wrote this laying in bed, my brain without coffee...now I'm going to make some aren't you excited for me, come on admit it, a little huh...

* Where you saying your bucktoothed? A little huh;) If so then Ask - The Smiths would make total sense; If so, like a rabbit...thats hot! Or did I not read that correctly? No worries I took every possibility into account and fantasized about all of them (calculus) even the slight bucktoothedness (damn revenge is sweet huh, I'm going to get it (that's a fantasy too))

** I reread my letter and perhaps it's the rain clouds but it read differently then I originally thought or intended; perhaps because I wrote it just as I woke up? It was written with affection and always playfully but it's sort of like in the past I could always seem to find a song for my pictures I couldn't find a song for this one. Not that it always needs one but I'm sitting here about to have lunch and I played some Morrissey songs and of course some came close but I felt that that would be like overplaying no pun intended. I feel safe with you, I'll try to explain a little bit...it is and isn't how I feel;;;;it just makes me feel better playing it and posted up against what I wrote; it's like it feels more complete as it's own thing. Perhaps a song allows you or helps you to admit to certain feelings; and that makes you feel better even if it's just for the duration of the song, maybe that's why sad songs feel good. Perhaps it's the same situation [i feel like watching jersey shore all of a sudden] when you post songs like that last one...perhaps i was confused because it covers all possibilities, it is so give and take back and forth (if you read into it so much).

So strangely this song is more meaningful than that
Wings song. So don't read into too much,,,any literal intentions. There was another song something something ,,,,and you did that sort of thing for me Sunday night...for me your way more than awesome can describe.

Autoclave-I'll Take you Down

thanks for the vid futureofwhat


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