Sunday, April 15, 2012

Could it be...

that statistics are stacked against me? Especially since I love or better said, I don't mind spending time in my room (that's more accurate). Quiz: On a good day I'm a perfect score.

1. I'm a bookworm (not a bad thing but wow I've just come to realize the implications)
2. I sort of keep a journal (not day to day stuff), but still
3. If I go to a bar, never a good scenario (very rare) I bring a book, it actually helps the reading.
4. Friend's friends - sometimes, but maybe I'm just picky (just kidding), wait, hmmm???
5. All that stuff on the quiz...

Maybe I'm just boring?

X. When I make half an effort cool stuff happens...

With those kinds of propensities (quiz stuff: staying home etc) when it mattered most to me, I went overboard,,,it's a good movie, kind of sad at the end - The Perfect Storm.

"All men's miseries derive from not being able to sit in a quiet room alone." B.P.

I"m not sure,,,, dear sir; perhaps back in the 17th century pre-internet days.

I've plugged in my type writer's tricky but fun shifting from internal monologue to character development, I think I'll keep the plot to a minimum...

PSB - Left to my own devices - [Disco mix]

thanks Linkpin7

Rolling Stones - Just My Imagination

thanks pomluit



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