Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Halloween...

I laid down at 10pm and fell asleep, I was so tired I didn't even unbutton my jeans, I think I need a belt now; Wow I had a strange dream, dessert island, no where to hide, weird chanting, flickering flames and those drums you can't even swim away because the waves are so high, they would sweep you back or drown you anyway i'm running so thirsty ahh some coconut milk if only I could and its only after my brains kill me might bite me in the mouth first fuck so scary from now on I'm going to treat today like Halloween 2 i think 'i'll watch that movie tonight... Damn I better put my pants on now and get that first cup of coffee

this would be my costume

Motley Crue-Come On And Dance

I think I feel better now, its hard to shake that dream...

"I Must Feel Better" - Baldelli & Dionigi - In Flagranti RMX

Black Strobe - Back From Beyond

I hope its not...but thats ok too...

Motley Crue - Too Fast For Love

because I love merry go rounds...

Motley Crue - Merry Go Round

and those starry eyes...

Motley Crue - Starry Eyes

Mötley Crüe- On with the Show

Motley Crue - Take Me To The Top

Motley Crue - Looks That Kill


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