Thursday, February 16, 2012


I wrote some stuff late this afternoon, I posted for half an hour and then took it down. I've got to check the god dam puns and the logic of its tone;)

So I left it but it was on my mind as I drove to do an errand. I loved the last paragraph its ending everything else I can live with too, it helped me get to the end, my entire point was so simple actually.

I was trying to say that communication is important and that I'm hopeful because at least in the most simple terms and working within a certain constraint errr we've gotten some practice? Made a breakthrough? Smoke signals - shades of grey? Please forgive me its late, I'll tidy it up tomorrow:)

Sometimes after I post something I think, did I write that (?) and did I also post it on the internet? I might wake up in the morning and wonder if the sky is still blue.

I plopped in a tape it flips over and "Pretty Woman" Roy Orbison comes on... I seriously just started laughing thinking about everything; everything I had just written - laughing at myself, then a half chuckle and then a few tears welled up too and I played it again - I was happy (perhaps with a tiny dose of pent up frustration;). This song, it just struck a nerve and that beat at the beginning it just drove me nuts for a second; it all seemed so perfectly neat and tidy a three minute song...of course everything I wrote about is kind of what comes after "the song" - I'm laughing again now but i've stopped crying, I kind of wish I would...

Elvis presley - Pretty woman

Our House - Madness


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