Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Time On My Hands: seventy, eighty, ninety party

(I sat here editing - I better get to the pool)

I had dinner with two beautiful women Saturday night. Tammy made eggplant parmesan, she's Italian on her mother's side, it was authentically delicious. I've met her once before when Louise invited me to a small get together when we all watched episodes of Absolutely Fabulous, she said it was kind of in my honor, since we had talked about it a bit and I had said that Adina and Patsy where my heroes (I love their free thinking). In particular we watched an episode where Edina goes looking for her gay son in NYC; Woopie Goldberg does a cameo she's a social worker she thinks Adina might be "L" and Patsy a "T".

Tammy, she's a knock-out blonde, she's from Queens and the real deal (take careful notes, there is a quiz at the end).

Louise is Irish but has lived state side for half her life. She's texted me a couple times from the Lexington and if I lived in SF I would have probably joined her; I would probably have even gotten out of bed, even if it were a warm bed, just to have a "last call" beer and to make sure she got home alright.

After dinner we were going to a theme party - 50's housewife, polka dots, glitter; of course I was going to attempt to dress the part.

Anyhow long story - the party was at a bar, I thought it was going to be at a house (so did Tammy); too late to rethink my outfit - a Halston 3 era red white polka dot top that wouldn't button in the front at all, no shirt that kind of ruined it (think Matador long sleeved jacket) I guess since I swim every day I feel comfortable and I've gotten a tad thinner too (its a crazy diet, I highly recommend). There are other outfit details, editing...

So at the bar, this young lady comes up to me and to my astonishment it took me a couple moments - she was hitting on me - what, that doesn't happen very often!? She had this line, something about "looking lonely," something about photography and I started to explain and then she was smiling and I stopped trying to explain (in my mind "oh") and I was polite and she was fishing around and I wasn't rude but I also didn't try very hard to show a lot of interest. I went to sit back down next too Tammy and Louise.

I'm not bragging but perhaps it was the open shirt - seriously it was more cool than cheesy I kind of pulled it off... I really don't go out much at all but I'd like to go dancing if it was the right spot and very crowded, I'm not that great.

I count my blessing to at least have a few cool friends (still waiting on the pictures); But as I sat there I was sort of sad, I loved listening to the music and seeing the pretty girls and the cool guys and all of that but it all seemed kind of empty at least for me; there was no connection... I'll stop whining because if I ever think I feel like an outsider or at times a bit lonely I think Tammy might have it 10,000 times worse - I asked her if she goes out much and she says she doesn't at all (I'll let you read between the lines...).

I bugged the dj's next to me for the rest of the night... Tammy requested "Relax" and I requested, "Move This Shake Your Body," Technotronic.

Louise is @ :37 short hair at the church and thats her red MG - cool story.

Train - Save Me, San Francisco

Pet Shop Boys - Time On My Hands


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