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"...or simply an excuse for everything" Australia Bee Gees LMFAO and getting rid of random guilt...

"Don't worry about anything ... life's scary but beautiful at the same time."
From an email I received this morning (I wrote this last night, mostly) . Thanks Matteo! This picture is my favorite.

"I wouldn't normally do this kind of thing" Pet Shop Boys from the album Very

A limited edition of Very was also released as a double album entitled Very Relentless

Alright, this song is a disclaimer of sorts because even at 2AM I didn't post it and now in the daylight it makes me more "nervous" to paint the picture that I do;) I like to think that it was a prescient act for me to link this video "oh so many months ago" an occasion when the title of this song made sense "I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind Of Thing" and I wrote a comment coming from a place of empathy. I describe it as prescient because on closer inspection the lyrics, well,,,just wait. oo la la, "Le sacre du printemps"

Tonight I had my best swim ever, my freestyle technique finally clicked. I felt like a crocodile, my eyes just peeking above water, lazily swishing my tail..

A year ago I thought I had it down, nope, its nothing like I thought it would be; its better in fact, feels way different. It's such a stable position - your head has to be like the bow of a ship and you can feel the water crashing on the top of your head (its cool). It takes muscles that I'd never used in my life (core muscles). I had never thought about quitting but when I think about how many drills I've done and at times how frustrating it's been, it amazes me. I'm still swimming pretty slow but I didn't even have to think about it (just fine tuning stuff). I can build on top of this. I can't believe it but swimming is going to be even more fun.

Losing your mind - "just keep the good parts"

Got to balance out the Bee Gees with LMFAO - their song does make a good point, their lyrics about having fun and how you should lose your mind.

1.My big epiphany is that I've stopped feeling "random guilt," real or perceived. I tested it. I thought about what I was doing (making pancakes) and I made myself feel guilty, it's so easy to feel guilty, it sucks. Sometimes when your brain is constantly thinking, imagine being hyper; but that isn't always that over-active kid, its also that "shoe gazer" who is ruminating and it can be both. You can get stuck in one of those negative feedback loops, its an awful sound. You've got to get in a situation where everything your doing matters because you love it and it makes you happy and that's what matters most and that leads to a happy everything.

This over thinking thing and falling into the trap of guilt is a real problem for people who have A.D.D. or various forms of depression and it can be traced to self esteem issues (Nathaniel Brandon "The Psychology of Self Esteem"). There are so many fundamental issues connected to this, from how you see yourself to the importance of confronting fear (anxiety).

And you've got to realize that you deserve to be HAPPY (Tal Ben-Shahar, "Happier")!!! Being happy should be your "ultimate currency." It opens the door to everything you love and makes things fall into place.

2. Love as " excuse for everything." In essence what I've written about below is don't feel guilty about spending all your time on something that you love. But it's worth explaining further and also so it can be applied in a practical sense to "making a career out of it," to making money.

Every day I think really hard about something (one day at a time) its a pleasure really; 3 weeks have passed + +, it's become an ingrained habit;) My only outlet for it has been this fucking blog "I Hustle and Other Things" literally! I have prefaces for blog posts (!) I've had blog posts so long they need "musical interludes," I'm citing books etc etc but all of this, all of that, has been a blessing in disguise.

A few days ago I ended up writing a line for the letter "I" it was a thought experiment...that this "something" could simply be an excuse for everything...

" excuse for everything" - that's a powerful concept if you apply it in a certain way.

This requires further elucidation.

The human brain makes connections, one thing leads to another etc etc. but i've been so focused and a little "ADD" about it that I've come to the conclusion that that's a clue to how everyone should lead their lives (I'll tie it together in a minute). I know its in those self help books "do what you love" as a career goal etc etc


"the work you do while you procrastinate..."

"... is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life."

By definition my career should be that of a professional,,,,,Hustler (and "other things" oo la la what could that be?).

You see everything is connected and it literally really is, the Universe is all tied together everything, everyone, every thought; it could even be a hologram.

The secret is being in love!

Making everything you do every thought or action about love.

When it's about something you love it all starts to make sense.

Things you couldn't even imagine start to appear before your eyes.

Love helps you realize the true value of things.

Thus knowing the true value of things helps you make better and better decisions.

3. It's a lifestyle choice to be in love all the time. And I'm trying to make the argument that you could make more money because of it compared to simply sticking to inside the box living where perhaps your only "in love" before or after work, or on the weekends, or as a hobby, that will make sense in a minute;)

Just an example:

You might desire to travel to X and maybe live there for an indeterminate amount of time...

But perhaps you could first roam say the South West (or take your pick). It would be fun testing out different approaches to this as well.

You could do it like the gypsies do, caravan from place to place or some version of that...

How is this all possible you have to make money or have enough of it - again, look to that which you love...

You might have to let go of certain things. Again if your making decisions based on love and its
going to make you happy then things can be worked out. There is no need to suffer and there is no need to get stressed out.

You can make smaller goals and build up to stuff; don't quit your day job yet, you got to have a specific plan and lots of wiggle room and start working on it little by little...

But also your goals have to be big or else its not worth doing. And because your not worried or feeling guilty your going to be really productive and because its things that you love your going to be super inspired and good at it and their is value in that. Because lets face it you have to make money. Sometimes a deal comes down to "the price of something" and you have to use that to your advantage. It's a judgment call, you have to know who your dealing with - sometimes when something is a commodity like lettuce or broccoli its going to have no real intrinsic value other then what the market dictates. So sometimes along the way you just got to make a buck even when its something your really good at, but then that leads to more and more things because your doing it. The trick is to get started so you can get further and further along.

I mentioned broccoli and thats an interesting example. Back in the day the Japanese imported tons and tons of broccoli from California; they wanted crowns because they looked good and they payed a premium for that. That premium has to be negotiated and I read a book about that once, actually it was two books, same author, William Ury, "Getting to Yes" and "Getting Past No." So your negotiating a price for something... How much more are the broccoli crowns going to be worth? Its still a commodity but that can be applied to a lot of different things. What is the intrinsic value of a dark green, pebbly smooth, beautifully shaped broccoli crown? What is the intrinsic value of what you're doing? What is the intrinsic value of what you love?

So you got to get into deals, dealing with people so that it comes to a point where you call their bluff. They have to realize that they need to pay you more because you've got something that gives them more. The people your dealing with have to see the value in standing apart from their competition; it comes down to marketing. It comes down to having something that gives them that. You got to figure that out but that's easy because your so in love with what your doing its effortless and it just starts to happen.

Like my swimming example. You got to keep trying every day, sometimes you think you've got it but not quite but you can't give up, you don't want to give up - its fun anyway it makes you happy then one day it just clicks. But you got to dive in first.

I might have just reinvented the wheel but hey, nobody ever sat me down and explained things to me. So what am I really saying? I want to live like a gypsy with the person I love, travel when the mood hits or because it's needed, set up base camps for extended stays, meet and deal (make deals) with interesting people; all the while making more money than if I would just have stayed home that day and not emailed crazy shit to this "person" because she's already changed my life by just being who she is...and I love her simply for that.

Rick Ross: Definition of a Hustler

LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem ft. Lauren Bennett

I remember seeing this concert on T.V. back in '97

Bee Gees - Words (Live One Night Only 1997)


I wouldn't normally do this kind of thing

Ask me why
I'll say it's most unusual
How can I even try to explain
why today I feel like dancing
singing like lovers sing
when I wouldn't normally do this kind of thing?
I wouldn't normally do this kind of thing

Ask me when
I'll say it started when I met you
and ever since then I knew that the past couldn't last
For right now I think I'm running
a race I know I'm gonna win
and I wouldn't normally do this kind of thing
I wouldn't normally do this kind of thing

If people say I'm crazy
I tell them that it's true
Let them watch with amazement
say it won't last beyond breakfast
it's a phase he's going through
denigrate or speculate
on what I'm going through
because it isn't the sort of thing I'd normally do

Ask me what
I'll say I think it's good for you
Believe it or not I know where it's all leading to
I feel like taking all my clothes off
dancing to The Rite of Spring
and I wouldn't normally do this kind of thing
I wouldn't normally do this kind of thing
I wouldn't normally do this kind of
this kind of thing

AdamG1983 (4 years ago)

Wow, they even resurrected Mozart to introduce them...very classy!

Say it's most unusual!

stephengnelson (11 months ago)

those dancers are so hot they even look good doing the funky chicken


davespetshopboys (3 months ago)

@Altenon01 "How can I even try to explain?"

Altenon01 (3 months ago)

"It's most unusual!"


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