Friday, March 16, 2012



I'm the head of a new
religion it's a kind of sky
cult goddess worship thing

initiation is easy you
must do two things
find a rock about
the size of a shoe box
it could be anywhere
i'll go with thee...

start in the desserts then
go by the sea if unsuccessful take a deep breath
this could take a while
there is a pile

underneath this rock you'll
find a spell most won't understand
or appreciate it's significance
times ten times ten and again
and again

the wisdom and magic are clear
clear as a day and dark as a night
when the moon shines bright
yet better still on a waning or waxing flight

it can only be felt it's an equals fight
creations riddle the universe alight
the stars explode is the ultimate
rite following following running then

It's not so much about worship or adoration's pulpit
though that is tolerated
venerate on impulse
your presence is optional just show up and be counted

the goddess aglaze the oracles spout
a sepulcher morning

(at brunch I'm adorning)
(at lunch I'm adoring)

be devout heed what's high

the second thing is simply a warning
you can search and still not
find the mystery hidden inside
just a warning don't go a rye
it could be outside it's fun don't hide
patience love delirious chide

The Cure - Primary

[S.S. shoes,,,,i crack up ;)]



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