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S.E.A.L.s Project Kraken Channel Crossing

[update 1:41 PM Madonna, update 2:33 PM Rio and Thames]

Webster Hall (The Ritz) "Captain Crunk & Shark Girl"

An in between post, another follows LAND.

ACTs 3,4, 5...


Weather Forecast
24 and 48 hour weather forecasts and synoptic charts

Vessel Delivery
The Port can accept vessel deliveries by sea and road transport.

The directors of George Hammond plc act as Honorary Consuls for Denmark, France,
Finland, Germany, Iceland, Netherlands and Sweden. Foreign nationals from these
countries can contact them on 01304 201201 if they require advice or assistance.

Club Facilities:
The Royal Cinque Ports Yacht Club
Offers temporary membership to all the boating fraternity, giving Marina users access to
their bars and restaurant. The Clubhouse is situated on Waterloo Crescent overlooking
the harbour.
The White Cliffs Motor Boat and Yacht Club
Based at the Marina-side Cullins Yard bistro. The club is run by local yachtsmen and
organises a varied programme of events year-round.

Fire Safety Advice
• Be aware of the position in the Marina of the fire assembly points.
• No BBQs allowed on vessels or pontoons.

Pets residing in the UK are permitted in the Marina. They must be kept on a lead and
are not allowed to come into contact with other animals. Owners with pets arriving
from foreign ports must keep them on board otherwise an offense will be committed.
Good hygiene must be adhered to at all times.

Incoming mail can be collected from the Marina Office. Please ensure that your vessel’s
name is clearly marked on the envelope. Outgoing mail can be posted in the post box
at the foot of the Marina Office steps. The Marina postcode is CT17 9BN.

Crew Lift
Situated at berth 75 at Tidal Harbour.

Toilets & Showers
Full toilet and shower facilities, plus baby changing facilities, are provided 24 hours
a day in five places, at Wellington Dock, Granville Dock and the Tidal Basin.

Dover Marina

Cliffs Notes;) BTW there are moorings (of course) on the River Thames, London

1. burrr training for a channel swim would take up too much of my life...Learning to sail would be fun too but that might take a while to gain proficiency and to get the boat;) and I bet sometimes it's pretty dangerous. But I bet (again) there are people who would "captain," teach others... It could also be planned/set-up to use as a charter service (side business, someone else could run) when not using and always for fun. And there are always motorboats too.

2. Boat couriers delivery / charter

A. Sailing back and forth England - France (elsewhere) would take a lot of time but could be planned ahead - courier boat delivery (maybe a friend) and / or charter business (pays for fuel, slip rental, captain crunch, crunk etc)" i.e. it's going to be there when you need it sort of thing...

3. "Intrinsic value - thing" : fun, option for figuring out puzzles, for finding / working from unique and interesting locations... A "platform" literally for executing a project near water near "resorts" :)

A. "Starter Kit" and always for fun...

Lots of marinas north coast of france, I picked...

France North Coast Marinas

Saint Cast Marina, to think through one idea (of many) it's in Brittany on the way to...

Sain Cast Marina

Saint Cast Marina to Saint-Malo train station 42 min car

Sain Cast Marina to train station in Sain-Malo

By train

Saint-Malo's train station is located over a kilometer south of the intramuros area, but it's an easy 20-min walk straight down Avenue Louis Martin. There are a few direct TGV services daily from Paris (Gare de Montparnasse), which take about three hours. Most travellers, however, will end up connecting in Rennes, from where there are hourly commuter services (50 min, €12) to Saint-Malo.

Vital Ferox - Absolut

thanks for the vid Brainkicker

Madonna - Holiday (Audio)

Duran Duran - Rio

SuperYido1 (3 weeks ago)

i always sail in my suit

JamonJamoni (4 days ago)

fucking pitbull

@MrDrum1969 I was not alive in 1982, and I think its pretty badass that they sail in suits!

I cried when he died;)


that old man is the best;)

Bus Stop - Benny Hill

Benny Hill Chariots Of Fire

FatBird11 (9 months ago)

I will NEVER forget Benny and the boys, Jack, Bob and Henry. They are legends.



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