Thursday, March 1, 2012

S.E.A.L.s RENT "slips" Act 2 Scene 1-4...Act 3

"Cowboy" just outside, not my boat and it needs work but it's highly probable and it's a start

Sea Air Land (working title) Act 2 Scene 1-4

[8 AM update, I woke up and remembered that I have thought about this before 2005 Marina Del Rey, in front of the Ritz-Carlton could have had money left over for tennis lessons;) Went up the road to live in a bungalow with a writer & oh yeah art gallery thing but then I wouldn't be here... ]

I'm going to leave this one sort of vague for the time being (10 seconds) because it's neither hear nor there at this moment. But I applied my geometric proof / thesis statement from the day before and it presented solutions - I don't want to say it's just about saving money, that's too simplistic, that would be like only caring about "price." I suppose someone could say "why bother" just make more money and that's exactly my point of course - again my "proof" from the day before, it's more of a "value" kind of decision. I don't want to get to specific but just think of "Opportunity Costs and the Time Value of Money," just a thought experiment what would you do with 75% of what you typically pay in rent. I think I made my point yesterday but just "think about it for a second" actually take your time, seriously:)

I came up with my "grand plan" in about a minute, I meditated and I just thought about everything that I love. It started when I woke up I was really pensive and then I went outside and it was cloudy and I kept looking East (because of the mountains and the clouds) and I felt really happy; I guess I felt like a little kid, that feeling that everything is new and exciting.

Don't get me wrong, I really don't obsess about money, far from it perhaps too far but I like what's in my next blog post and that takes money.

So I "tested my proof" and it worked. I came up with an interesting potentially fun solution to things I would never have considered before. But perhaps this very first instance of living on a boat is something that I might enjoy doing first, well, on my own...

"Nobody Knows Anything" ...right?

Perhaps that French fashion photographer (pictures below) paints the picture best.

Sea Air Land (working title) Act 2 Scene 1-4

marina bay yacht harbor

It would bring me...

Pet Shop Boys - Closer to heaven (Slow version)

thematic device...

Pet Shop Boys Rent

leading into "drop it like its hot"

Why this music video?

For the dance moves the "driving the car" near the beginning...

"Million dollar boat" ...

"You should think about it take a second..."

RENT "drop it like it's hot" intrinsic motivation: FUN for a while, or now and then, and this: 50 cent STRAIGHT TO THE BANK mashup

"ain't no other way to play the game the way I play..."

Snoop Dogg ft Pharrell - Drop it like it's hot (Straight to the Bank mashup)

Dare I say (that's funny I've said bolder things) this is possibly more like Act 3 or 4

Heaven 17 - Come Live With Me
This video leads into my next post...

a217andy (10 months ago)

wow the british do make good songs


TheDrw321 (2 weeks ago)

Perfect choice of Paris for this video. I spent some time their back in the 1980s and it was such a liberation after the grey fascist horror of Thatcher's Britain. And yes, French girls are the sexiest on earth.

lalaloux1 (3 weeks ago)

good track, remember recording this on cassette on the radio one sunday top 40 way back when,did i say good, i mean excellent ,80s rule.

/// /// ///

Synopsis: sci-fi comedy two galaxies collide, Director Woody Allen
(pictures follow below this one)

It's funny I started out writing this post planning on being vague and then I pretty much just said it; (again) further build up to the Sirius Connection....


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